Welcome! It has been a really long time since UWE Pro Wrestling has had an official website. I think the last time we had one was 2009? But since FaceBook will no longer let us put tickets in the FB shop, we felt it was time to take control of all our content.

We have a bunch of exciting things planned for you and this site. Of course patience will be required as I am doing this solo.

I purchased the web hosting plans months ago and was waiting for the person who was going to do a wordpress site to get in touch with me. But as time went by I figured that he was a wash out and I was left to find someone else. Pretty much a rinse and repeat situation occurred, once again leaving the fate of the UWE Pro Wrestling site in perpetual limbo. Now I am not a coding wizard, i know just enough to be dangerous, but I figured if I sat down and really thought about it I could make it work. So the long journey of placing code where I thought it should go began. There was a great deal of trial and error, perhaps a bit more error but, I was able to figure out how to structure the code to create what you see here.

Creating a website

Contrary to popular belief, I don't know EVERYTHING but I am smart enough to work out how things go together. I am not a wordpress kind of gal, the UWE site is all HTML coding with CSS sheets and java scripting. So if anyone has worked with HTML you know that one little error throws the whole thing off. There were some really long nights sizing and resizing images for the header, shop, roster and well pretty much every image you see on the site. The roster pages took the longest as I had to get all the information from our active wrestlers and get good pictures. Next the alumni and superstar pages were crazy! I was surprized that I remembered so many of our past UWE wrestlers.

Now there are features that are gonna be a bit sparce for a time like the blogs, but as I get contributions from the wrestlers this will fill out. Yes there will be blogs from the UWE Wrestlers! Now they will not always be focused on wrestling, I have said they could blog about whatever interests them at the time; Pokemon, comic books, movies, Whatever! Of course I'm sure there will be plenty of blogs about wrestling as well.

Who knows maybe some of you UWE fans would like to submit something for approval in the future. I am working on getting comments added to the blogs live but if i can't well, I can't do everything . Until next time!