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UWE Pro Wrestling was founded in 2003 by Eric Freedom and his wife Tracy. Eric saw the business he loved decaying before his very eyes and in an effort to make wrestling great again, UWE Pro Wrestling was born. Eric has more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of Professional Wrestling: in ring, manager, referee, commentary, announcer, videography, booking, editing footage for TV and DVDs, and training the next generation of Pro Wrestlers.

Our desire in founding UWE Pro Wrestling was to rectify professional wrestling's current shortcomings and return it to its Glory Days. To do this, we do not use, nor condone untrained, "backyard" wrestlers. All of the wrestlers on our roster respect the traditional values of wrestling and have been professionally trained. We also feel that to be entertaining professional wrestling need not be lewd or gratuiously violent for no other reason than to be shocking. All of our shows are family friendly

Calling Cadillac, Michigan home UWE Pro Wrestling's local events are extremely successful and those involved have remarked on our genuine professionalism and dedication to our ideals. In addition, we feel it is important to support worthwhile causes and oganizations, so we participate heavily with fundraising events that are not only entertainment for the whole family but, also support the community by raising food and supplies for local animal shelters and food pantries and Christmas gifts for local families in need.

  • Don't give up on your Dreams.
  • We are all One;
  • Only egos, beliefs, and fears separate us.


So you want to be a wrestler? Anyone can jump off their trampoline or garage roof and pull off a frog splash like Rob Van Dam onto 100 light tubes or glass panes..... but that is NOT SAFE and really STUPID!! You will not be learning that here. UWE Pro Wrestling is a mix of seasoned veterans, like Freedom, along with some young newcomers to the sport, who are being trained properly by experienced wrestlers. Freedom says it is important to have the sport “handed down by the older guys to younger guys, generation to generation.”

Training at Eric Freedom's Foundry turns an average athlete in a well rounded entertainer. Whether someone wants to learn the art of professional wrestling, the skills to be a manager or valet, the knowledge to be an in ring official, videography and production these and more can all be learned at Eric Freedom's Foundry. Students here benefit from Eric’s 30 plus years of experience in the business, in the ring and behind the scenes. If you think you have what it takes, and are serious about pursuing a career in Professional Wrestling, check out our Training Page

  • You will never have a regret if you try.
  • Wrestling isn't easy. It takes heart and dedication.
  • With hard work anything is achievable.


There are numerous independent wrestling companies across the country so why choose UWE Pro Wrestling for your event over the others? Reputation and experience, plain and simple. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Eric's solid reputation has formed close professional and personal relationships with many Superstars and Legends of Professional wrestling.This means there is a larger pool of talent for UWE Pro Wrestling to draw from for your event.

Having overseen all aspects of Pro Wrestling including pay per view, televised and live events, performing in ring and managing behind the scenes, Eric's experience gives UWE Pro Wrestling a huge edge over other indy promotions. This ensures a quality event to be proud of.

We specialize in constructing wrestling events that satisfy all operating budgets whether they be large or small. For UWE Pro Wrestling wrestling isn't just a business, it's a lifelong passion. It is that passion that drives us to produce each event with a devotion and integrity that comes from the heart. Contact us at UWE Pro Wrestling or email UWE Pro Wrestling to discuss your event today.

  • Share your Dream, We'll create it.
  • Success achieved through Experience.
  • Reputation built through Character.


Looking for an entertaining speaker? Eric freedom is your man! Eric is available to attend your event and share stories about his over 30 year career in Pro Wrestling. Stories about Road trips, WWF(E) TV tapings, WCW TV, and how all of these things taught Eric very valuable life lessons that he applies every day. Tenents that include; integrity, perserverance, punctuality, communication, mentoring, and much more!

Eric's appearances can be tailored for all audiences of all ages. Want Eric to talk to your 8th graders, No Problem! Prefer an adults only style talk, we got you covered! A typical talk will last from one to three hours and will be designed to your needs. Contact Eric at UWE Pro Wrestling or email Eric Freedom

  • It's not what we profess
  • but what we practice
  • that gives us Integrity.