October 30 2023 Camera Kyle

Hi again, wrestling fans!! Hopefully everyone has had a nice week since the last time we met up. Today we will cover a few highlights from the WWE Crown Jewel event.

“Victory happens when ten thousand hours of training meets one moment of opportunity.” – Unknown

Solo Sikoa and John Cena wrestled for the first time in singles match. Cena used his ring savy to work on Solo’s thumb and hand. Cena targeted this appendage because of Solo’s finisher being the Samoan Spike. Of course Solo fought back and gave his all to Cena, dominating the contest many times. And just as is usual with Cena, he didn’t give up or stop fighting. Ultimately Solo hit several Samoan Spikes to Cena that kept John down for the 1-2-3. Solo Sikoa arguably has accomplished his most impressive and important win of his career thus far.

Cody Rhodes and Damian Priest went to war in their big match at the PLE! Damian threw everything he could at Cody but much like Cena and Cody’s dad, Dusty, Cody continued to fight through the onslaught. Main Event Jay Uso helped thwart the interference of the other Judgment Day members, Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio. Cody was able to his series of CrossRhodes on Priest to earn the W! It will be interesting to see where Cody’s story now goes to. He continues to fight through the obstacles and mount up victories in his quest to become Champion.

In the main event of Crown Jewel, the rising “Megastar” LA Knight challenged the Head Of The Table, Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship!! LA Knight had the crowd on his side as has become the normal situation with Knight and his fans. Knight hit his BFT (Blunt Force Trauma) finisher on Reigns but Jimmy Uso stopped the pin by putting Roman’s leg on the bottom rope. Knight went outside the ring to level a pretty solid beatdown to Uso only for Roman to spear Knight through the ringside barricade!! Roman pins Knight to once again retain the title and continue this historic modern day title run. When does the reign of Roman end?? Hell, at this rate, will it ever end is actually a legitimate question! While I’m personally a fan of Roman Reigns, the same old shit of him being helped by Bloodline members to squeak by and retain the title has grown very old IMO. I do understand he brings in big money for merchandise despite being a heel. But one would think the title change has to happen! I would agree whoever defeats Roman (assuming that is going to happen), should be a made Superstar of epic levels for the simple fact that they ended the historical reign. I am not sold Roman won’t continue to win, breaking all the records, and ultimately retire as Champion. I sincerely hope I’m wrong!

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Have yourselves a great week.

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- Camera Kyle -