Every September UWE Pro Wrestling has their Homecoming event but, this year there is no September date so October will do double duty! It will serve as our Homecoming Hall of Fame induction as well as host to all the HardCore UWE favorite matches.

Pee Wee Parella is this year's Hall of Fame inductee. He has been with UWE a very long time, since 2005 when he was just a referee.

Eric and I have literally watched so many of our roster grow up in front of our eyes and Pee Wee is no different. He grew into such an accomplished referee that after a few years it just made sense for him to move up to the senior referee position. He was most times a fan favorite with his Pee Wee Herman Tequila Dance, yep up on his toes and everything! At any moment during a show the crowd would start to chant, "Do the Dance! Do the Dance!". Our sound guy would hit the music and Pee Wee would dance. Now that's not to say Pee Wee was never the "bad guy", in Gladwin Pee Wee needed to be escorted to his car by some of the boys because the fans wanted to harm him for real.

This is how Pee Wee went from most loved to most hated in the span of three seconds. During an event in Gladwin at the ice arena, the top rope broke. Yes it was during a match, Jimmy Blaze hit the ropes, the rope snapped and Jimmy went flying backwards out of the ring to the floor. Now what saved Jimmy from serious injury or even death was one principal Eric and Jimmy always teach their students; GRAB THE TOP ROPE when you hit the ropes. By doing this Jimmy was able to spin around a bit and slow his momentum before hitting the floor. That was scary enough but here is where it takes a turn for the diabolical. As Jimmy is laying on the floor, all the sudden you hear Pee Wee's voice and I know most of you reading this are thinking 'Well yeah, he's calling for help.', Pee Wee says, "one!, two!, three!, four! Get in the ring Jimmy! five!". Yes you read that right Pee Wee started to COUNT JIMMY OUT. Well by two the fans were booing him pretty loudly but when he continued it was worse. I don't remember if this happened during the counting or after but one of the fans said,"I hope you get in a car crash on the way home and life counts you out!" Poor Pee Wee. Why would I say that you may ask. Well, the count out wasn't Pee Wee's idea, yes in a match that is his job but during an emergency like this everyone is concerned for the wellbeing of the wrestler, that included Pee Wee. Now if it wasn't his idea whose was it? I'm sure some of you can guess who it was, though you may not belive it, it was the brainchild of Eric Freedom. Hard to fathom I know. But Pee Wee was a rookie and Eric wanted to test him and buy Jimmy some time to recover and see if he was OK to finish the match. Pee Wee did as told and bought himself a ticket to hatesville. It did cool down eventually but it took a long time before Pee Wee was asked to dance again.

So, if you are going to be at UWE's HardCore Halloween Homecoming, when we induct Pee Wee into the Hall of Fame if you are loud enough perhaps we can get Pee Wee to "Do the Dance!" one last time.